North Star

Our North Star

We believe that breakthroughs are the beginning of a journey to usher novel, impactful technology into the world.

We believe there is a better way.

Scientific and technological innovation drive our civilization forward, but the impact of these innovations is muted if they aren’t translated into real world projects.

Too many times we’ve seen real scientific breakthroughs curtailed — or their impact delayed — not because of lack of rigor or founder ability, but because the infrastructure and tools don’t exist to commercialize these innovations in a repeatable manner.

While scientific founders are sometimes able to raise early capital based on their technology or their backgrounds, the path between that initial funding and their first institutional round is maddeningly unclear and often treacherous.

The entrepreneurs who do make it through that gauntlet often need to raise multiple rounds of dilutive capital to get there — stumbling in the dark until they understand what milestones they need to unlock that subsequent financing and build a successful business.

Our North Star is helping entrepreneurs commercialize their breakthrough to build durable, impactful, and ultimately generational companies.

Our team has founded, invested, and advised deep tech companies for over a decade. We’ve experienced the recessions, the hype cycles, the breakthroughs, and the breakouts.

We’ve seen all of the many ways that deep tech companies can fail, but we’ve also seen founders beat the odds and build historic companies, legacies, and movements.

It is our greatest privilege to partner with these entrepreneurs.